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In the golden days when I used SAS desktop, I had a few icons to launch SAS, which used the -AWSTITLE (application work space title) option to give them specific names.

The command behind the shortcut would be similar to:  sas.exe -autoexec -awstitle 'Project1'

This meant that when I was running several sessions (i.e. all of the time) the task names in the task bar allowed me to switch to the project I wanted to look at.

With EG, this is not possible and one has to go from one session to the next until the wanted one is found.

Please add the AWSTITLE option to EG.

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Planned

There is currently no plan to allow users to "retitle" the application window.  


The AWSTITLE precedent from PC SAS -- that was added to allow developers to customize the look/experience for end users of line-of-business SAS/AF applications that "take over" the SAS application workspace.  That's not really how people are using SAS Enterprise Guide.  


We can appreciate that users who have a lot of EG windows open at once might like a way to differentiate among them.  But it's not currently on the plan for a future version.