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It should be possible for the user to set whether or not we want "Project Log Off" or "Project Log ON" to be the default.  OFF should not be the default unless the user has the ability to change this default setting.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10



Under SAS Enterprise Guide 8.3 the user has an option to do what I think you are after. The Project Log is essential in Enterprise Guide, especially if you are trying to compare different runs of the same piece of code.


I appreciate that not every user is at a site with SAS Enterprise Guide 8.3, but when you get there, the option is waiting for you. By the way, it is OFF by default and once set, applies to all new projects you create.


Under Tools->Options->Projects and Process Flows, you will see this:

SAS EG 83 Tools Options 2021-07-03A.PNG



Down Under Dave
New Zealand


Opal | Level 21

EG project settings are stored under: %appadata%\SAS\EnterpriseGuide\8\EGOptions.xml

Once you change them in a project they will apply for all new projects you create.


Install & Config is not my area of expertise but I would assume you could always create a .msi package (or however that works) that contains a EGOptions.xml with the default settings to your liking.