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It is requested to enable dynamic text features in VA. It should be feasible to include in reports specific values (measures & dimension) as single objects and or combined (text&images&values). It should be feasible to include in va reports values and text and images and have the possibility to define formatting also with conditional formatting (e.g including icons and images as per specific rule)

Use case/Workarounds

It has been required to include single values in Reports with a specific formatting in order to give right evidence to kpi’s and key values (#number of contracts, budget, …)

The workaround identified so far is to use cell of a standard VA table, but the formatting opportunities are limited and result is not effective. Using of the table workaround is complex for user and requires to design in fix format (Standard VA feature should enable to ensure adaptive)


Feature could be very useful for improvement usability and effectiveness of reports

Feature is expected to be available both for web and for Mobile and as standard Va feature so that report in WEB and in Mobile can be the same (avoid duplicating development of report). As per our evidences feature is already available in many BI tools competitors.

Obsidian | Level 7

I am baffled that this feature doesn't already exist. Concatenating text and field values - or even just returning a field value to a text box - is a necessity, and I'm tired of wasting my time creating less useful and less attractive workarounds.


In 7.4, Text objects support several types of dynamic text:

  • Measure values
  • Parameter values
  • A timestamp for the most recent update of the current data source
  • A description of the current interactive filters (from prompts and from interactions with other objects)
    For more information, see Display Dynamic Text in a Text Object in the Using Other Object Types in Reports chapter.
Community Manager
Status changed to: Suggestion Implemented

Thanks for your idea. We added Dynamic Text in SAS Visual Analytics 7.4, see doc.


Here's the Dynamic Text doc for 8.2.