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When we download and install a new SAS upgrade, we point our users to a test set of libraries and the new SASHome USS filesystem for testing.  When we want to deploy the new SAS upgrade into production, we need another SASHome copy that will point to the production high level qualifiers for the datasets and the new directory for the production SASHome.  In other words, I need 2 copies of a SASHome, one for production and one for initial install / testing.  This is a shared sysplex, and we are sharing the SASHome filesystem across all LPARs.

SAS support has provided me with what I need to update within the MVS datasets and which files to update within the uss filesystem.

Although this is a complete list, I find the manual updates error prone and time consuming.  


I would like to request a rexx or job to be provided for these updates to the uss filesystem. It should have the flexibility to change only the MVS high level qualifier or only the SASHome directory or both.