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Fluorite | Level 6


I'm using wrs 4.2 and I'd like to remove the retained values.

In my wrs page I have some parameters to select before having my report. But now my data has changed and the possible selected values are different the selected values I used before are unformatted. That's normal, unexisting selected values are showed unformatted.

but how to clear this?

thanks for your help

Calcite | Level 5

Hello mojerry2.

what do you mean by retained values?
You have prompts on your STP or web report or Information Map (is there a source for the report like STP or IM?)
"But now my data has changed" What do you mean by "now". The last 3 days?
when the underlying data changes the prompts show obviously only the values that exist in the
data. Try to clear your browser cache if something is out of synch.

Fluorite | Level 6

Hi metalray,

The prompts are coming from a SP. But wrs retains your last selection and when you reconnect the prompts are filled by the last selected values.

can we change the option in wrs or jboss and tell him not to retain previous selected values?

Calcite | Level 5

I see, this seems to me a web server problem. try to delete the cookies and see if it still happens. if not, then you need to reset the dropdownlists of the prompts.

In .net this is possible but I dont know how jboss works.

Calcite | Level 5 RSB
Calcite | Level 5

Hi Mojerry,

SAS WRS saves the selected prompt values along with the report. This is the reason why the values in the prompts are still reflecting the previous values. As a work around for this issue you have to remove the prompts from your report, save it and add the prompts again.

If your report is based on the Information maps you can uncheck the prompts from the menu and add them after saving the report, incase if your report is using STP you have to remove the prompts directly from the STP.

Fluorite | Level 6

hmmm, removing my prompts from my SP and then adding them back? this is really the worst case Smiley Wink


This SAS note describes the behavior that you are experiencing:

If the list of values is static, then you will have to edit the prompt in the stored process to regenerate a new list, but if the list is dynamic, then you should only need to follow the suggestions in the SAS note.

You should not have to physically remove the prompts from the stored process.



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