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Calcite | Level 5

Is possible to save a .srx file with something like "save as" to have a plain text description or an XML file with all the definition of the report ?

Or alternatively there are some tools to maintain the report in the SAS portal on a log with definitions of each report ?

I'm searching something like this to maintain all the report present in SAS Portal without access interactively in each report definitions.


You can save the SRX as XML by doing the following:

In SAS Management Console, navigate to the report on the SAS Folders tab.

Right-click the report name and select Write Content to External File.

Save the report with an XML extension.

Calcite | Level 5

OOh, thanks, it's a very nice file: there is everything in this XML file , I'have seen filter, rows and columns, hidden ... but it would be helpful a tool that decode all these informations in section, each for the popup window that we can access from WebReportStudio. There are some information about the structure of this XML or some transformations ?

Calcite | Level 5

I tried myself to study the chain inside the block tag of the xml, but I found some problem about the connection betseen the dataitem elements in the various blocks.

There are some documentation about the File Definition ReportStudio Format (.SRX) about these links ?

In particular:

between the: <View ><Section data="DATA_09142011142725431" and his COLUMNS, ROWS,.. elements:

   l i k e :                       <Column name="Sum Of Income Amount" variable="DIR_16">

and the : IQData with linked to then absolutePathLocation of the Cube from InformationMap with their DataItem:

  l i k e :               <DataItem identity="Sum Of Income Amount" obj="x3"/>

and the dataItem of the IQData block of the Crosstab Report

l i k e:    <IQData type="MD" parent="DATA_09142011142725431" name="TABLE_DATA_09142011142734809">

              <LookThroughDataSelection axisOLAPCoalesced="0" identity="TABLE_DATA_09142011142734809" inputStructure="OLAP" nextDefaultID="19" ref1="BaseModel:DataSelectionWithEmbedded:x1" totalColumn="ALLTOTAL" totalLocation="TOTAL_TOTAL_ROW_TOP_COLUMN_LEFT" totalRow="GRANDTOTAL" ver="">


                        <DataItemReference identity="DIR_2" obj="x2"/>

                            <DataItemReference identity="DIR_6" obj="x3"/>

because I can't find no informaton about it.

Sorry if I was verbose trying to explain to go into details.

Bye and Thanks in advance to anyone can answer to my question.


There is no exernally available documentation about the structure of the report XML.



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