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Hi all,

We are new to WRS only had it installed for a few months now. We are trying to give users access to reports which have filters that are dependant on there logins details.

i.e. Bob is in Team A and Sarah is in Team B they are trying to access Dataset A. Dataset A has an OLAP cube and an Information Map created. The InfoMap is then used in WRS to create a report. The dataset contains confidential information about team performance. What we would like is that when Bob logs in to WRS and views a Report he can only see information about Team A and nothing about Team B.

We have been playing with a solution which seems a bit long winded and I was wondering if anyone else has any suggestions.

Our current solution/work around is..
Everybody has a SAS Logon ID and is a member of a team group created in the management console. The information map has been created with a filter for each individual team. Created a report in WRS and applied the required filter and saved the report in the teams SAS folder (readonly access for that team only). We have gone back into the InfoMap and now hidden the filter. When the user now opens the report they only see their data and nobody else's. We have then created the same report for the rest of the teams but changed the filter for each team. This seems to have solved the problem and a user can look in there teams report folder and see the report. However if we want to change/update a report we now have to edit 10+ reports all saved in different folders.

As I said above we are new to SAS BI products and there possibly is a simliar solution. I know you can use Authorisation based prefilters on information maps based on tables but we can't seem to find a solution for this when an information map is based on a OLAP cube.
Our solution does seem to work however updating reports now is very time consuming and repetitive. I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas for ways around this? (we are using SAS 9.2, WRS, IMS, OLAP CS v4.2)

Sub problem. People like using the isolate feature in WRS and have created our own Roles in the MC giving them the 'Advanced Edit' capabilities allowing them to use the isolate feature. However this seems to override the 'Open Maps As Reports' capability(we only want users to use pre-created reports only) and they can now open information maps and view all the data, which is not what we want. I have tried changing the permissions on the Information Maps folder so they can't see the folder but still allowing them access to the actual InfoMap but WRS doesn't like this and can't find the map because it can't see the folder with it in. This isn't a huge problem at the moment because I have turned off the isolate feature which stops them opening the information map.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated


SAS Employee
Hello Andy,
This seems like an info map and WRS "under the covers issue" so I'm going to direct you to tech support to work these kinks out.

( They will help you immediately so you can get some answers.



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