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Quartz | Level 8


is there a way to rename my Information Map without breaking all the Web Reports that rely on it?

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Pyrite | Level 9
What browser do you use for Web Report Studio?
e-SAS regards,

Quartz | Level 8
Different ones. Chome v55, Firefox v45.
Pyrite | Level 9
and have you tried Internet Explorer or Microsoft ones? I ask mainly because experience has been that if I change name in Information Map Studio then try to open WRS in IE ~11, I get an error. That seems to go away when a.) I logout and login again; or b.) I open the Web Report in Firefox, work and save, then logout and login again using MS Internet Explorer
e-SAS regards,

Quartz | Level 8
When I right click in Management Console and Edit the Name (right click - rename is greyed out)
then open IE 11 (logout, empty cache, etc.) then I get the error "file cannot be opened"
It gives an error in the SAS log as well saying that the underlying information map is missing.

Pyrite | Level 9
Have you tried opening a ticket track with SAS Technical Support? and can you reproduce the behavior using Firefox, Chrome?
e-SAS regards,

Quartz | Level 8
Yes, SAS tech support just said I should rename the IM to its original name. That fixed the problem but...hmm it should be stated somewhere that the naming reference relantionship between IM and web reports is fixed. Yes, I have replicated the issue with Firefox and Chrome.
SAS Employee

Hi PhilipH,


I'm not sure which version of WRS you are using, but did you have a look at Sample 36290: Updating resources for a SAS® Web Report Studio report that does not open because its information map cannot be located, available from ?


If you have renamed your InfoMap, another way to update the WRS report could be to (take a backup of your WRS report(s) before that):

  - From the SAS Management Console (SMC), navigate to the report location using the Folders view/tab

  - From the right-click menu, choose to write the content to an external file

  - Open that file with a text editor and search for the InfoMap (old) name

  - Change the reference and save the file

  - From the SMC, right-click and select "Add Content From External File" (or similar)


You should then be able to open your report with the new InfoMap name.


Cheers, Damo

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @PhilipH,


the answer is yes and no.


If you rename a source, the report will be "broken" or outdated. Reason is simple: the wrs reports are just files, xmls, stored in the conten server. Therefore, static files.


But as @Madelyn_SAS well indicated, you will need to update the report with the proposed procedure. It takes only a few moments. 


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