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Calcite | Level 5

I've inheritied a report in WRS produced initially by a SAS consultant, I've had to make some changes to the report, re-ordering some of the charts and now one part of it isn't working. I'm writing to ask for ideas/suggestions that I can try to fix this before I go through our official SAS support channels - just in case it's something simple I have overlooked. I'll try and describe the problem as simply as I can.

The report has 8 sections
Each section has a groupbreak for Area, some sections have a second groupbreak on "category 1".
There is at least 1 chart in each section, these charts are number sequentially throughout the whole report for each Area.

The data is manipulated in EG and the data set contains a variable called "Chart", which splits the data for each area by chart number e.g. Chart 01, Chart 02, Chart 03 etc. Each chart in WRS is filtered on Chart to get the correct data for that chart.

The section of the report that isn't working has one chart (chart 07), which is filtered on Chart = Chart 07. This section also has a secondary group break on Category1 - which has 8 different values (different service types) so 8 charts get returned in total in this section for each Area.

In the data set I can see Chart 07 in the Chart variable, I can also see the different values for Category 1 that I expect to see and I can see the data that is supposed to be plotted in the bar chart.

However, dispite the data being in the data set (the information map just pulls these variables across and doesn't do anything with them) I'm getting "No values were returned for this graph" in WRS. I've also noticed the secondary group break is displaying as "not needed" which is the value for Catergory 1 for charts where there is no secondary group break needed. So it appears that filter is not picking up the right data.

I've tried deleting and retyping the part of the code which assigns "Chart 07" to the Chart variable -in case there were extra spaces or caps/no caps issues, but this didn't have any effect

I've tried filtering this section on Chart 06 instead of Chart 07 - which worked fine and returned the data for chart 06 as expected.

I've tried changing the code to say "Chart 30" (there are 27 charts in total so 30 isn't used anywhere else in the code) and changing the filter to Chart 30, but the same thing happens.

I really can't work out why it's not picking up the data when I can see it in the data set. I think this is the only section of the report that has a secondary group break and wondered if that could be causing the issue. I'm not sure what else to try.

Calcite | Level 5
I'm managed to solve this - in case anyone is interested. Playing around with it, I discovered that in the Data panel there is a section filter under Options. Before I had to move charts around and renumber them, the 8 charts in this section were all chart 06a, 06b, 06c and so on and the section filter was set to filter on Chart = Chart 06, so I just needed to change the section filter to filter on Chart 07 instead.

I can't believe it took me best part of 2 days to work that out, but so glad I can relax over the weekend now.



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