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Calcite | Level 5
I didn't find anything in any other threads, but I might have missed it.

I'm trying to use multiple lines of text in my header in WRS 4.3, but the carriage return is stripped when I save my changes.

I tried \n and Ascii CR (0013), as well as the Enter key, but nothing stayed.

Any ideas?
Calcite | Level 5

I had issues with Header/Footers too. I would suggest you to use Text box objects in report and position them to look as Header/Footer.

Calcite | Level 5
Thanks, Nithin. I may end up doing that. I just hate that it's such a "hacky" solution and can add a maintenance burden to upgrades.
SAS Employee
From Mudit:

Just pressing Enter or Return key between the lines should help!! I tried it in WRS 4.3 here, and it worked.
SAS Employee
From Angela,
The user must be experiencing a bug somewhere. I was able to do the same thing and the system didn’t strip my carriage returns.

Note that for the user – his are getting stripped for some reason.
SAS Employee
Yes, I found one before I replied. If you copy and paste TEXT containing carriage returns from some other source like notepad then WRS strips off those characters. I believe user is doing something similar.


In this scenario, user should replace the “Carriage” characters with the “Return” key in WRS header string in order to have multiple lines.
SAS Employee
From Cynthia,
To me, the question is – when the SASReport XML version of the report is saved and we are no longer in the Report Viewer, what happens to the manually entered CR??? Does the manually entered carriage return “come back” when you reopen the file or is it gone again???? If the manually entered carriage return is still there when you reopen the report (after saving it), then I guess you’d need to reverse engineer the SAS Report XML of the XML –with the CR – to see what magic XML is in SASReport XML.

If the carriage return is gone when you reopen the SASReport XML, then that implies to me that the saving process (when translating back to SASReport XML) does something to the manually entered CR.

Calcite | Level 5
Thanks Jenn2 for all the updates.

I'm pretty sure I tested it in a number of ways and always had my CRs stripped, but now it only seems to be when pasting from Notepad, as noted above.

When I try it now, just pressing when I need a CR, it works like a charm. I even tried it in Internet Explorer and Firefox, just to make sure it wasn't a browser issue.
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