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Currently investigating moving our on-premise SAS 9.4m7 platform to a SAS Viya PAYG offering from MS Azure Market Place and were wondering if there is a programmatical way to interact between the SAS Viya hosted on Azure and a Windows LAN Environment.  I know other SAS 9.4 installs hosted on AWS have used a CIFS connection.  Just wondering if this would be simpler to do via SAS Viya within the Azure Cloud Environment.


Many thanks



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SAS Employee

Hello @gra_in_aus, thanks for using SAS Communities.

In this blog SAS Viya on Microsoft Azure: Three Ways to Import your Data files, there are steps describing a few ways to import your data files in SAS Viya up and running on Microsoft Azure.

If you are thinking to use remote shares to CIFS mount, in order for the container to 'see' the shares and, for example,  configure SAS Studio to use the shares, the container will need to have the mounts configured first.
This step is specific to docker and not SAS Studio.
See the following information on defining cifs and nfs shares that can be used within the container:
Volumes (
NFS Docker Volumes: How to Create and Use | phoenixNAP KB


Please let me know if this is answering to your question. Thanks.

SAS Employee UE
SAS Employee

Hi @gra_in_aus,
to my previous post I add the link to this blog, a bit old but interesting; it can provide good ideas: Azure Storage for SAS Architects: Do You Want to Share? 



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