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Obsidian | Level 7



I am trying to include an existing sas program to run in a new program using:

%include "/Shared Data/SAS Visual Analytics/Public/LASR/";


However I am getting error: 

ERROR: Cannot open %INCLUDE file /Shared Data/SAS Visual Analytics/Public/LASR/


1) I am not sure if I am giving correct path pointing to my program in SAS Visual Analytics (being new to it).

2) Not sure if program extension in SAS VA is '.sas'


Please help!

Opal | Level 21

The folders in your %include look to me like SAS metadata folders which have nothing to do with a disk-based folder or directory where you would store a SAS program. You need to specify the actual disk location which if you use Windows could be something like c:\Myfolder1\Myfolder2. If you are using Linux then it would be /Myfolder1/Myfolder2.


Also where in SAS VA are you trying to run this %include?



Obsidian | Level 7

I understand your point, however I need to include (reuse) a sas program which is already in my lasr library and need to use in my new program. I have done the same by giving the library path in SAS EG, however I dont know how to point to LASR library directly in SAS VA. I hope you understand my concern.

Opal | Level 21

How did you get the program there in the first place? Metadata folders are where you store metadata for SAS datasets or for queries or reports built in SAS VA. It is definitely NOT where you store SAS code programs. There is no mechanism available for extracting the SAS program and running it.


The metadata folder you have chosen should be used only for registering the metadata for LASR SAS datasets.


Hope this helps: A LASR library points to the memory on your SAS VA app server and is where you store in-memory SAS datasets. It is not for storing SAS programs.


BTW I'm still a bit confused as to how you have ended up in this situation so it would help if you explain what you did in more detail. 



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