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Calcite | Level 5

I have a question about implementation of F5 load balancer for SAS 9.4, is there a best practice document from SAS to use third party load balancers such as F5 Big-IP. I am not a SAS admin, I am the F5 load balancer engineer.

I am working on implementing load balanced farms for the below 3 teirs:


I am looking to get the list of default service ports that I need to configure on the F5 Load Balancer in order to be able to serve all requests coming from the client, and between the Metadata, Middle Tier and Compute servers.

We will be building 3 F5 load balanced farms as follow:


SAS Metadata Server Tier (need the default service ports #s to use on the F5 VIPs)

SAS Application Server Tier (need the default service ports #s to use on the F5 VIPs)

SAS Web or Middle Tier (need the default service ports #s to use on the F5 VIPs)


I appreciate your input.


Opal | Level 21

Each SAS server install tends to have a custom list of communications ports based on the design requirements for that installation and what SAS products are used. It is best practice to have this documented as part of the installation project and it will include port numbers as well as listing the servers communicating. Is this not the case where you are working?


Also a quick Google search of F5 and SAS brings up very few useful hits. It would be worth raising a Tech Support track with SAS regarding any known issues with F5. 

Barite | Level 11

Hi team,


It's been 2+ years since the last update. Does anyone have some recent F5 experiences to share ?



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