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Calcite | Level 5

I have been trying to install SAS VA on Linux SUSE for more than 15 times. I have completely reinstalled by Linux instance to maintain a fresh install. While most of the servers were installed and configured without a problem, SAS Web Application Configuration is creating a problem. It is trying to access port 8080 but the application is timed out before the port is opened. When I manually check the status of the port, it is not in use by any other application. I am unable to understand what to do to make the 8080 port to listen to the configuration process.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.

Calcite | Level 5

Sailesh7, I am having the same exact problem, did you ever find any resolve for this?  Thanks.


Calcite | Level 5 AHD
Calcite | Level 5

Dear Sailesh,

I am not much expert in SAS, but request you to please check the firewall and iptables setting.

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Sailesh,

Try to install with port other than 8080, I am not sure it will work but at list we can try.

Best of luck!!!


Fluorite | Level 6

How did you get past this problem. I am having the same install problem on a Windows 2012 R2 VA installation. Thanks

Opal | Level 21

Have you tested whether the port is open or not and you can use it to communicate with the required SAS server?


Best practice is to document SAS installation port numbers, server to server TCP traffic and implement the required firewall port rules prior to installing.



Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @Mark_A,


yes, as @SASKiwi indicates, first recommendation is to be in control of ports and firewalls/network.


More questions:

- what kind of deployment are we speaking about: all in one windows machine?

- what deployment type did you select for the middle tier, regarding sizing? Small, medium or large?

- how much RAM memory do you have in this machine, and how many CPUs, and what is the speed of RAM and CPU?


I am asking this because it would not be the first time I see a SASServer1_1 (service that uses port 8080 by default) that takes some extra time to start and start listening in this port. In those cases, it is enough to click on retry or even start services manually, to prevent failure. For this case, the reason is small resources for the JVM, hence it can take longer to provision resources to the JVM. The solution is to provision additional resources (physical or JVM memory settings).


Of course, there can be many other reasons. Do you have a log of the SASServer1_1 server.log or wrapper.log at startup time? This log will give you/us more information.


Kind regards,


Fluorite | Level 6

Hello Juan,


I have been following the instructions verbatim in the following document :'SAS Visual Analytics 7.4: Installation and Configuration Guide (Non-distributed SAS LASR).


I selected 'Large' for the middle tier deployment because instructions in the deployment document say to use 'Large' (instead of Medium).


I am installing on a Windows Server 2012 R2 VM with 128GB of memory and 8 cores (Intel Xeon CPUs E5-4627 v2 @ 3.30GHz)


I am using the standard deployment plan for a Windows based installation (page 16 of Deploying SAS Visual Analytics (Non-distributed LASR)) -> 'select SAS Visual Analytics, two machines, wx6'. For the deployment step, i am using 'Step 1: Server & Middle Tier'. The documentation indicates that i should be selecting 'Step 1: Server, Middle Tier, and Clients' but this selection was not available. Other than this difference, the documentation for installation has been quite consistent with the prompts.


I have tried 'Retry' multiple time without success and the Configuration Failure in Stage 5 / Step 23 (trying to remove any delayed JVM timing startup problems).


The SASServer1_1 log file only has 1 line that indicates that it was started with a create argument.


The wrapper.log has only 2 lines - the first line indicating there was an error because the cache was not installed followed by the next line indicating that the cache was installed. It had no other information.


Thank you again Juan for your feedback! -Mark



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