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Quartz | Level 8

I have setup my SMTP mail server through Enterprise Guide but I'm still unable to send my reports to myself via email. I get the following message: "E-mail could not be sent because: E-mail service error."


I am wondering if I should restart the service for changes to take effect. Except there are many services and I'm not sure which one, if any, I should restart.



SAS Employee



What and how have you set up email settings in for Enterprise Guide?  Can you give details ? 


IMHO, if you want to set email settings, you should verify if your Metadata server's sasv9.cfg does contain emailhost, emailport and emailpw  mail properties. 


If you are using any solutions (VA for eg.), you would need to perform additional changes : 

1) Set up Email properties in SAS Management Console (under Configuration Manager  > SAS Application Infrastructure)


2) Set up email properties in Web App Server (SASServerX_X) - server.xml file. 



SAS Support

Quartz | Level 8

Do any of the steps you mentioend above require a restart in anything?

Quartz | Level 8

Yes I am using SAS VA. And sorry for the delay. I was away from customer's workstation.


When you say "additional changes" does this mean I have to setup email both in Enterprise Guide and Management Console?

SAS Employee

Hi @pedrammobedi,


Keep in mind that if you use the Schedule Manager plug-in to SAS Management Console, and set options that aren't available in SAS Visual Analytics Designer, your report jobs might be incompatible. You might want to look at Scheduling in SAS 9.4.



Quartz | Level 8

The page you refered me to, as far as my browser can see, is empty.


But anyway, I should forget about the Schedule Manaer plug-in. It's a bit confusing, to be honest, when to use Enterprose Guide and when Management Console.

SAS Employee

I'm sorry the link to the HTML version of the book didn't work.  Here's a link to the PDF:  I don't use SAS Enterprise Guide, so I'm not sure how to suggest that you work between it and SAS Management Console.





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