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Calcite | Level 5

With the proper admin rights one can  scan user folders within the managment studio , reading which dashboard has been used when (and by who)  This information should be stored somewhere , somehow.  How about accessing this information by means of a specific dashboard?

Is this information stored within the metadata repository (and how?)

Meteorite | Level 14


You may want to have a look at another discussion thread that talks about audit reporting and usage at I reference some papers that you may find useful and I understand that the authors are working on publishing their findings with Visual Analytics 7.1 soon.

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Calcite | Level 5

It's been a month and progress regarding enabling auditing is mighty slow. With SAS version 9.4 / VA 7.1  it looks like all components are somehow in place or ready to be implemented or configured.  So far I've been able to:

1. enable auditing within Management Console

2. Learned about dropping zones and autoload facilities

3. Acces Environment Manager by means of the proper URL (only by using the service account, not by adding the proper groups to my account,  mind you)

4. Tracked down my beloved Postgresql database server and the PgAdmin tool

5. Found out that the EVS datamart stores 2 audit tables and 2 archive audit tables

6. That reading the audit tables from PG at a certain interval and dumping the contents in the append part of the autoload 'zone' is the startpoint to automatically load the LASR table(s) in order to feed the admin report lurking within the VA caves.

It's thus a matter to link the dots and I hope to present the full working solution in the community asap  Smiley Happy


Calcite | Level 5

So far enabling  auditing within the Management Console and restarting the webserver application service generates the table/file  'audit_visualanalytics.sas7bdat' just once  in :


This table should be the input for the same table within the LASR server , feeding the canned administrator report:

Administrator Overview  in the Usage folder (Products --> SAS Visual Analytics Administrator --> Reports --> Usage)

I would like to populate the table with usage data, but I have found no document that describes the process.

APM and ACM auditing through Environment Manager seems to focus solely on system(resource) auditing and monitoring

Any ideas?

Meteorite | Level 14

You may want to check out the recently posted article -

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Calcite | Level 5

Thanks Michelle !  We'll digest the new published article and see whether we will get things working overhere..



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