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Fluorite | Level 6


I am facing an issue using SAS VA 7.4, in Modern view only. I have a first section with a crosstab, filtered on a date value by a drop-down list. On the crosstab there is a link to an info window, in which there is only a list table, so that the users can display the detail of the lines selected in the crosstab.












The problem is that, in modern mode only, we never get to display any line of data in the info window. Even if we select only one line (cf. image above) the list table is empty with the following message : 


The data used by this report object is too large. Only a subset of the data is shown.















It works perfectly in SAS Visual Analytics Designer (which is always in classic mode) and in the Viewer too if I switch to classic mode. It will also show correctly if I put the list table in a new section instead of an info window. But ideally I don't want the users to come and consult the full table in a section, switching back and forth within sections. The info window forces them to chose a line selection and thus reduce the number of lines displayed.


My guess is that in modern mode the filter or the line selection (or both) do not persist when we land on the info window. Is this a known issue and is there a way to make the selection/filter persistent enough to have the info window correctly filtered ? If not, I might have to give the info window up and find something to "hide" my section 2.


I tested this scenario and the filter is working for me. This is what I have: 


  • A drop-down list in the section prompt area of Section 1. 
  • Section 1 has a crosstab. 
  • Section 2 has a list table and it is an Info Window. 
  • I create a section link between Section 1 and the Info Window. 
  • Double-click a row in the crosstab in Section 1 and the Info Window opened filtered. 


Are there any other factors in your report? For example, do you have a local filter directly on the crosstab? Are you using parameters? 


If you change the info window back to a regular section, does the filtering work? 

Fluorite | Level 6

Hi !
Thanks for the answer.

Indeed if we change the info window back to a regular section the filtering works fine. Actually this solution ended up being considered fine by our users, so we left the report with two regular sections and no info window.


Also we have a local filter directly on the crosstab in section 1. We do not use parameters. Maybe the local filter is what is not forwarded to the info window when we click on the section link.



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