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Obsidian | Level 7

I ran:

proc setinit noalias;

and found that following products are available:

---Base SAS Software 30DEC2018
---SAS/GRAPH 30DEC2018
---SAS Integration Technologies 30DEC2018
---SAS/Secure 168-bit 30DEC2018
---SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files 30DEC2018
---SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC 30DEC2018
---SAS Workspace Server for Local Access 30DEC2018
---High Performance Suite 30DEC2018
---SAS Search and Indexing Server 30DEC2018
---SAS Web Crawler Server 30DEC2018
---SAS LASR Analytic Server 30DEC2018
---SAS Visual Analytics Hub 30DEC2018
---SAS Visual Analytics Services 30DEC2018
---SAS Visual Analytics Base 29DEC2018
---Advanced Programming for LASR Analytic Server 30DEC2018
---SAS Visual Analytics Server Components 30DEC2018
---Visual Analytics Explorer 30DEC2018


Should I be able to connect to MYSQL db by just using LIBNAME or SQL PASSTHROUGH?

Kindly Help!


Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @jitinsethi07,


according to this license, you have ODBC, but not MySQL, hence no in-database processing.


You can connect with libname and pass queries with passthrough (with a few contraints), though.


Please read:


Please mind this: I would highly recommend to first prepare your data well, filtered and sorted, into SAS tables, that can be easily and quickly loaded into LASR (RAM memory), to not lose the great performance that SAS Visual Analytics can provide you.


If you do otherwise, every time you query and join tables from external data sources (such as MySQL), SAS will try to first download the full table/s into WORK tables and then do the join/query, hence, losing performance and efficiency.


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