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Obsidian | Level 7

I am getting this error: Syntax error while parsing WHERE clause.

while running the below code, kindly help:

%macro abc;

data null;
set newdata;
%Do %until(100);
call symput ('SLP', SLP);
call execute
'proc imstat' || ' data = ' || ' LASRLIB.scans ' || ';' ||
'where ' || put(SCANDATE, date7.) || '=' || "07FEB19" || ';' ||
' run; ' ||
' deleterows / purge ;' ||
' run;'


Diamond | Level 26 RW9
Diamond | Level 26

Well, your problem lies in:

put(SCANDATE, date7.) = 

When scandate is put into text, there will be a numeric as first character, this is not valid in SAS.  Maybe you mean:

'where "' || put(SCANDATE, date7.) || '"=' || "07FEB19" || ';' ||


Although I really don't see why you have that code at all, there really is a better way than creating SLP macro variable and generating the proc imstat code 100 times - which is all that code is doing, there is nothing changing in the code as far as I can see any of the 100 iterations.  So does not make sense in any way.


Opal | Level 21

As a secondary issue, there is nothing about this %DO loop that causes it to execute 100 times.  It executes once per observation in NEWDATA.  


It's difficult to determine what you intended here by adding the %DO loop.  Perhaps:


set newdata (obs=100);


Finally, note the possibility to simplify by combining a few character strings:


'="07FEB19"; run;'


In fact, your intention may have been to combine more than that:


'proc imstat data=LASRLIB.scans; where put(SCANDATE, date7.)="07FEB19"; run;'


Some issues are not clear ... where did you intend to use &SLP?  Where does SCANDATE come from?



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