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Hello everybody,


I have a problem that I can't figure out. I'm trying to import my shape-file into VIYA/VA, but it fails everytime. I attached the log. I hope someone can help me.


I'm trying to use the  %shpimprt autocall macro, but it doesn't work.


%shpimprt(shapefilepath=C:\ADM\kommune.shp, id=GEOID, outtable=mytable,, casport=5570, caslib='casuser');


I gives me the message: WARNING: Apparent invocation of macro SHPIMPRT not resolved.


And also: ERROR 180-322: Statement is not valid or it is used out of proper order.




Best regards


SAS Employee

Hi Martin,


What version of Visual Analytics are you using? The %SHPIMPRT macro was introduced in VA 8.2 - it seems the macro is not available in your environment suggesting an older version or an instance of SAS which hasn't been updated yet. You may also look into PROC MAPIMPORT which is provided as part of the SAS/Graph package and provides similar features. 


If you are using VA 7.4 - you may also check out related information about importing custom polygons as part of the administration guide.


Hope this helps!! Regards, Falko

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