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I have my visual analytics 7.4 installed on a windows server.

I am using Enterprise miner 14.3 for predictive analytics. I am interested in sending my output directly to VA server so that predictions can be used in dashboards in VA. Is there any way possible for this connection ?



Yes but how you do it depends on your SAS architecture, OS's and SAS versions. What OS, SAS server version (9.4Mx?) does your EM tool work with?


We have a very similar setup to you and have regular scheduled SAS jobs running on our SAS EM server that connect to SAS VA 7.4 and load data into VA LASR libraries. To get that level of connectivity we use SAS/CONNECT. If you just want to move data occasionally you could just use the SAS VA autoload feature where you copy the required SAS dataset into the autoload folder. 

Obsidian | Level 7



My company's LASR server is on windows server. windows 10.

we use a url to connect to it from a browser and access VA 7.4. Its a part of SAS 9.4 package license that we have procured.


Eminer is version 14.3 which I have installed on my local machine(laptop).


Now I want to make a sweet seamless integration to VA so my model predicts in EM and my output is displayed in VA dashbaord.


I read SAS EM server, I don't we have installed any such thing. This might be in license and we have missed installing it. Please assist on installation flow(dependencies) as well.

What I am trying to establish is exactly what you are doing right now.


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