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Calcite | Level 5



I am using SAS VA 7.3 in a non-distributed Linux environment and I cannot load any local SAS datasets into Exporer, Designer or Data Builder.  My ability to load local data has been possible in the past, but it has been intermittent.  Sometimes it loads, other times I get an out of resources error.  I am aware of the size restrictions of loading data via the browser interface and I am well below the limits.  In addition, the admin has told us that there are no size restirctions set in the configuration.


For the last week, I have been completely unable to load any SAS dataset (locally) of any size, however a colleague can load anything she wants using Autoload without issue.


When I load local datasets from data builder, I get an error that the LASR server is out of resources.  This happens on SAS datasets with 5000 observations, and the import fails at around 900-1000 obs.  Arent local data loads from withion databuilder supposed to be handled by the workspace server, and not the LASR server?  Also, within data builkder, the only datasets that I can use for building queries are on the LASR server, so every table I add to a query results in the warning message about using LASR tables / decreased performance.  The scheduler also does not work at all.  


Out admin keeps telling me there is nothing wrong and everything looks normal...but then he has also described installtion/configuration of the VA environment as a "nightmare", so I suspect there may be a problem with our setup.


EDIT: it's not the hardware....we have a very powerful dedicated new machine, with plenty of cores and memory for VA, and the user base at this point is very low.





Ok, my first thought is that your problems seem serious enough to call your local Tech Support for urgent assistance, rather than spend time (days?) participating in discussion here.


Some thoughts/questions:

  • What resources are you checking? Not just VA but also SASWORK (which is used when loading tables)
  • Can you do other "non-VA" SAS tasks?
  • What does the Server Tab report in the VA Admin application? (Assuming you have access)
  • Can you verify your roles/capabilities in either SAS Management Console and/or Environment Manager?
  • If all else fails, can you restart the VA server(s)? (Assuming you have rights to do so.)

Lastly, you report that the installation was a nightmare? What post-installation verification testing was conducted, was it thorough enough, and do you know what (if anything) has changed since)?


Best of luck. Please keep us informed.

Calcite | Level 5

I'm not using this forum as a primary source for tech support on this,  I've been working my my admins for weeks, and they keep saying everything is fine, or just rebooting VA....and nothing gets resolved.  I'm only posting here with the hopes that an alarm will go off with someone as to what may be going on, that's all.


Not usre what "non-VA" tasks are....the other SAS products we have arent the problem.  Unless you mean operations other than loading data in VA...then yes.  I can use Exlorer/Designer with data sources already loaded into LASR.


I dont have VA admin rights (yet) so I cant check any of those things.  All I know is the admins say everything looks fine, and they are the ones who said installing / configuring VA was a nightmare.


Again, I was hoping the description of this problem would poitn to an obvious issue for an experienced VA platform admin, kind of as a last ditch effort.





Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @lrozzelle,


I would put in contact your Admin with SAS Technical Support. The term "nothing is wrong" is too general.


My personal feeling, is that the sas processes of your private LASR server is starting without enough memory resources. There are some memory parameters in SAS names MEMSIZE, SORTSIZE, etc, that determines the memory boundaries of a SAS process. probably those limits/boundaries need to be modified, but you would need a SAS Consultant or Technical Support to provide you with a good suggestion.

Calcite | Level 5

I mentioned above that no restrictions on the size of data exist.  All the memory settings are maxed out.  

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @lrozzelle,


while I trust your insight 100%, I see there is a difference between Autoloading (by default, Public LASR) and Importing datasets ("private" LASR). Those 2 are different LASR processes, and they can have different memory limits, and different permissions. Therefore, sorry, but one truth (Public LASR/Autoload has no memory restrictions) does not mean the second sentence (LASR has no memory restrictions) is true, necessarily, unless you can tell me another user can actually import tables on the way you intend to load them with your user.


Your above remark was quite well read, thank you. Did you had the opportunity to read @AndrewHowell 's and to open a ticket at SAS Technical Support or to go into his questions?



Calcite | Level 5

I am well aware of SAS support and their ticketing system, thank you.






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