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Obsidian | Level 7

I have been trying to install SAS VIYA on Oracle Linux and followed Installation Guide SAS VIYA 3.4 for Linux.

After following all the instructions , we ran the below command as per the section "Deploy the Software"-
 ansible-playbook system-assessment.yml
Now, we are stuck on the same screen which says install Install repository definition RPMs for orderables(PFB log) since a long time. Could you please guide us if there is some sort of glitch or we are missing something? In need of further assistance from your end.


TASK [repo-setup-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum : Create temporary directory on remote machine] ********************************************************************************
changed: [deployTarget]

TASK [repo-setup-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum : Set the location of the temp directory] **************************************************************************************
ok: [deployTarget]

TASK [repo-setup-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum : Set METAREPO_CERT_SOURCE] ****************************************************************************************************
ok: [deployTarget]

TASK [repo-setup-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum : Copy certificates to remote machine] *****************************************************************************************
changed: [deployTarget] => (item=entitlement_certificate.pem)
changed: [deployTarget] => (item=SAS_CA_Certificate.pem)

TASK [repo-setup-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum : Curl to get SAS meta-repository rpm] *****************************************************************************************
changed: [deployTarget]

TASK [repo-setup-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum : Verify the successful download of metarepo file sas-meta-repo.rpm] ***********************************************************
ok: [deployTarget]

TASK [repo-setup-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum : Log unsuccessful download of metarepo file sas-meta-repo.rpm] ****************************************************************
skipping: [deployTarget]

TASK [repo-setup-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum : Read in delivered metarepo text file in the case of a non-200 response] ******************************************************
skipping: [deployTarget]

TASK [repo-setup-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum : Log reason for the non-200 response] *****************************************************************************************
skipping: [deployTarget]

TASK [repo-setup-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum : Install SAS meta-repository rpm] *********************************************************************************************
ok: [deployTarget]

TASK [repo-setup-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum : Copy client certificate into place] ******************************************************************************************
changed: [deployTarget]

TASK [repo-setup-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum : Install repository definition RPMs for orderables] ***************************************************************************



SAS Employee



Restart the playbook with an additional -vvv option and you will see more information about what is going on right now:

ansible-playbook system-assessment.yml -vvv



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