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Fluorite | Level 6


Is it possible to access SAS VA:

  • When it is not connected to the required server but connected to the internet?
  • When it is not connected to both?



Meteorite | Level 14

Hi Sarthak,

What component and SAS Visual Analytics version and component (Administrator, Data Builder, Designer, Explorer, Viewer and SAS Mobile BI) are you referring to?

If using the web based components (Administrator, Data Builder, Designer, Explorer, Viewer) you need to be able to connect to the SAS LASR Analytics server. Internet connection is dependent on your environment, whether you are accessible the OpenStreet Map mapping service or are hosting your own mapping provider and/or accessing SAS VA in the cloud.

If your question is regarding the SAS Mobile BI app, it depends on whether the reports use local or remote data. Below is text taken from the SAS Mobile BI 7.1 app...

Does this answer your questions?

Kind Regards,


About Local and Remote Report Data

What Is Local and Remote Report Data?

When you subscribe to a report, it appears in the portfolio. However, depending on the security assigned to your user ID, the report data might not exist on your device. Report data can be local or remote:
  • Local data is stored on your device.

  • Remote data exists on your device only while the report is open and the device is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

How Does Remote Data Work?

Each time you open a report with remote data, the app connects to the server. The Prepare Data notification is displayed while the data is downloaded. The report opens when the data is available on the device. The data is available only while you view the report.

After you close the report, the data is removed from the device. The thumbnail on the report in the portfolio no longer appears. If you are not connected to a network and you try to open the report, it does not open.

How Do I Know a Report Uses Remote Data?

If a report uses remote data, the report thumbnail in the portfolio displays the cloud icon: .

If a report uses local data, this icon does not appear on the thumbnail.

Why Do These Reports Use Remote Data?

Your organization requires that these reports have extra security.

Your SAS administrator sets this option for the user ID that you use to access the server. When this option is set, all reports on that server use remote data.

If you have any questions about this option, contact the SAS administrator for the affected server.

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Fluorite | Level 6

Thanks a lot Michelle for the reply.I just wanted to provide a few details about the version we are using.


Would this detail change your comments a bit?

Meteorite | Level 14

Thanks for providing the version details. My response remains the same. The text regarding the SAS Mobile BI app is from the 7.1 version.

Kind Regards,


//Contact me to learn how Metacoda software can help keep your SAS platform secure -

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