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Calcite | Level 5

Hi, anyone who has both SAS VA and SAS EG could kindly shed some lights on our sitution?


We have one main desktop running SAS EG, and are looking at VA and Tableau (by other group). what I try to understand is:

1. how easy to utilize the existing projects from EG if we buy VA, and whether it’s possible to continually prepare data in this SAS EG desktop?

 2. how to ensure the availability if continually having SAS EG desktop. E.g. If the main desktop couldn’t start suddenly, how long we would be able to get all the current automate reports  sending, recover the data feeding to VA.

3.  If suggestion is changing SAS EG desktop to Server version, how difficult it would be. can SAS EG server to be the same VA server? if suggestion is just adding a backup desktop, does the backup desktop need a SAS EG license, any document to get this done? 


Appreciate your input,


Tourmaline | Level 20

1. EG executes Base/Foundation SAS programs. VA is an application that acts on an in memory database (LASR). So basically, they complement each other, not replacing. EG/SAS programs can be executed in a workspace server on the same host as the VA/LASR. It's possible to load data to LASR from EG, if that's more convenient in the specific case. And yes, you can definitely prepare your data in EG (but the data scrubbing should rather take place on an equipped server, rather on the desktop). VA has a component called Visual Data Builder, which is basically an SQL generator, and works fine for already modelled data, such as star schemas, For raw data EG might be better.


2. EG is a desktop client application. Create/maintain your SAS programs there. But execute the code on the server, in batch if that's appropriate. Don't relay on a desktop to be available all times! If your data store is somthing like a data warehouse, consider Data Ingration Studio/Server to do the data manipulation - much more stable for maintaing programs/jobs than EG.


3. As said, go server. For license, talk to your SAS representative. But I think the license is called Office Analytics.

A second desktop EG would probably require an extended license. Again, talk to SAS.

Data never sleeps
Calcite | Level 5

Hi LinusH,

Thanks for your suggestion: to go server.


For SAS EG desktop version to go server, what do we need to buy and build? assume EG server version have different price than desktop, correct? both metadata and workspace servers would be required, right?

you mentioned: EG/SAS programs can be executed in a workspace server on the same host as the VA/LASR, what about metadata server, could be on the same host too?

what I am trying to find out is whether it's possible or not when we buy VA, SAS EG could go server automatically (still need to configure, but hope not as much as quitting EG desktop license and buying a EG server license)?


the other thought is in order for SAS EG desktop to go server, would it be making more sense just  use DI server? we have a DI server licensed but never implemented.


Thanks a lot,


you mentioned SAS EG could use



Tourmaline | Level 20
Yes, the Metadata server can be on the same host. This as well as the mid tier. But what server to put on which host is an architectural decision and I don't have the necessary information here to tell what's best.
For licence details, talk to SAS.
DI Server is an excellent environment for creating and maintaining ETL jobs and other Metadata. But it has a learning curve, so it depends how complex and "big" your data is if ithe pays back. An architectural, maintenance process and organisational decision.
Data never sleeps



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