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SAS Visual Analytics Download Failed


SAS Visual Analytics can’t download geomaps images from SAS Server in Cary NT, because we have defined a proxy.

But to workaround this barrier, we’ve create a proxy user and password.

Although if we define this proxy user and password as normally sas suggests in the file, it doesn’t work and google chrome development tools errors appears while trying to make downloads.

I’ve followed the steps in

But no success.


However, if i force the server to connect via proxy user it works.


  • Create an empty file


  • Insert the proxy password in the empty file and save it



  • Run this (openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -in passcd.txt -out passcd.bin) to create a bin file and type twice a password for the trigger and press ENTER:


  • Run the following string to open the bin file to triggered password:

alias myproxy='PASSWORD=`openssl aes-256-cbc -d -in passcd.bin`; USER=SKY\sasvapro; PROXY="http://$USER:$PASSWORD@"; export

http_proxy=$PROXY; export https_proxy=$PROXY; export ftp_proxy=$PROXY‘



  • Type myproxy, press ENTER and type the password for the trigger (The one in the third step)


  • Then run the string to test connection to the internet with proxy user and password options in the first time: wget --proxy-user="SKY\sasvapro" --proxy-password=“passcd" and the following results appear:


  • Even if i run without the --proxy-password option after the first time, it will work, and then if i check in google chrome development tools, no download errors are displayed



This works but it only works for 5 minutes.


I'm trying to find some automatic way. No success until now.


Community Manager

Hi @DartRodrigo, this issue will involve some diagnostics for which Technical Support is best equipped. Here's how to open a ticket. Post back here what worked so other users can benefit.

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