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Calcite | Level 5



I need advise on this warning message. This issue is occurred in list table and summarised records are 802 shown in totals of table. There is a warning yellow triangle to indicate message. List table only display  707 instead out of 802 with warning message. VA user guide indicate around 40,000 records can be rendered in list tables.


There are filter on list table which bring down records to 802 records.


I am bit confused and thinning might have some option which would allow to display all data.


Please help with this issue to display all data. I have not seen any options which enable all data display but I am guesting there might be some solution for this issue.


Thank you for help



Calcite | Level 5



Thank you for your replay.


19 data items are assigned to the list table (14 character & 5 measures).


Calcite | Level 5

Data explorer can list these data items without any warnings, I am assuming that some kind of data/memory limitation for report designer. any one in community facing similar issue? are there any approach to mitigate these sort of errors?


is it right in saying that report designer is not capable as data explorer ? or it just how these app's has been configured in platform


Is it possible that an administrator has reduced the limit for list tables in Visual Analytics Designer to something like 15,000?


Note that the explorer can display a maximum of 100,000 rows. See


 Additional question: Are there any filters interacting with the table? This SAS note is for SAS Mobile BI but it contains a way to calculate the number of cells. Your hard maximum limit for Designer is 40,000.




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