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Dear all,


I am user of SAS VA7.3.  Recently started working on VA8.3. It is nice.  I am struggling with few things

1. I created three different reports as A,B,C with different contents and insights

2. I want to combine all the reports into one report without recreating from scratch.  


I was able to do it quickly in 7.3 using the import option. I am not able to see that option in SAS VA8.3. 


Can anyone help me please, otherwise I will have to recreate from scratch and that's huge effort for me.


Thanking in advance



There is no equivalent of the Import tab in 8.3.1. You can save time by creating Object Templates and then sharing them. This is the documentation for that:


Create an Object Template



Thanks for the quick reply. Does it mean that I can not combine those reports into one report? 


I am not sure if my requirement was clear to you. I will try to describe again


 Assume there are 10 persons creating reports for two days and all of them are using different objects and showing different insights. At the end I want to combine all of them into one report with 10 tabs. I could do it easily in 7.3 or 7.4..   If this is possible I can get the report running in 2 days but if not then I need 20 days to complete the report development. I hope there is a solution for this. Please let me know if my requirement is not clear.





Thanks for quick reply and confirmation.


Is this feature expected in next release? VA 8.3  is good but some of the features which were developer friendly are still not there  but were in 7.4. Many things are not intuitive. Transition from 7.4 to 8.3 is long journey.  




SAS Employee

Hi @lokendra_devangan_corecompete_com,


Yes, Madelyn's correct.  There isn't the same import functionality in the 8.3 release.  What if you try combining the three reports using the import function in 7.3 and then moving the combined report to 8.3?  That might be a little extra work, but you wouldn't have to recreate the report entirely from scratch.


Hope this helps,




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