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Calcite | Level 5

Hi SAS Team,


We are facing a functionality issue regarding printing of PDF of SAS Visual Analytics report.


Attaching a PDF of the report where one page has the Screen Shot of a section wherein the 3rd page shows the data of List table in Continuity manner.


But the main issue is why the 3rd page prints data as per the size of normal A4 paper and doesn’t prints rest of the data.(Note: The Data in Section which has one Bar Graph and List table Side by Side also getting cropped in A4 Size Paper)


Also attaching an image of the print out where limited Data is printed.List table printed partiallyList table printed partially

Fluorite | Level 6


If I remember right, in the Print to PDF dialog, there is a toggle for 'Expand clipped and non-visible content'; if I understand your question correctly, this button should be in the 'on' position in order to get the rest of your report printed.


Hope this helps,


Calcite | Level 5
Hi BillPerkins,
Thanks for the reply, but the steps suggested by you, been already tried by my end which doesn't solved my problem.

Can you or anyone please help me in any different way which could solve my problem.

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