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Calcite | Level 5

Dear All,


I have been working on SAS coding from quite long time but for SAS VA, its new to me. I have certain question in my mind which i am facing on my daily work related to LASR server. Could anyone please clear that out ?


1.  After SAS VA server(Non distributed) restarts, the dataset are wiping out from LASR memory but it is presepnt in backend Unix OS level.  So that all the reports and queries are affecting. How to get rid from that ?

2. Is there any manual registration required for dataset in SMC ? or it will automatically be registered. If yes,  then where it gets registered?

3. How to Auto load mechanism works ? That means, after server restart ..we do not want to reimport the data again manually.

4. Is it mandatory to place all the datasets/tables unde LASR path ? Can we place/import the dataset  ouside of LASR path ? If yes, then does it require manual registration /?


Please anyone clarify and provide a solid/elaborated answer for these.


You can email me @ also.




Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Sandeep,

   I am also new to SAS VA but as far as your 2nd and 3rd query cis concern I think I can help you out to some extent, 

I am trying to answer your 2nd and 3rd question at one go,


 ---if you are suppose to use autoload feature for perticular data set then you are suppose to create library in SMC where you have to regester the table the one you are going to use as data source for report then in SAS VA you have to create data query change the name of data source,schedule the query and replace the previous data source with new one for the report.

this is the process for autoload I have followed however there is another way for autolod which I am not aware about I am still exploring.






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