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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi All,


I have below two tables data. On 'User Table' I applied row-level security using group level access and for 'Sales Table' there is no row-level security applied. My thoughts are, based on logged in user, I first filter the data in 'User Table' and then join the data with 'Sales Table' using UserID as key.


In Visual Analytics, I loaded these two tables and mapped the data sources with key column 'UserID'. Now when I logged in as 'U1' user. It filters the data in 'User Table' and doesnt automatically filters data in 'Sales Table' for the user 'U1'.


I would like to understand, is it expected that, it will not refresh 'Sales Table' based on mapped data sources(UserID)?. Do we need to apply row-level secuirty on 'Sales Table' also? I can apply directly on 'Sales Table', but I would like to use 'User Table' as Fact table and map other data sources. So that for the logged in user, the data will be filtered.


Kindly suggest me the best possible way. In my real time scenario, I've quite few tables that I should map with 'User Table' and hence would like to apply row-level security only on this User Table and merge other tables.


Whereas the data gets filtered for logged in user in 'User Table' but not the mapped data sources.


Row-level security in batch mode applied as below


METASEC_SETAUTH(tc, "","IdentityGroup", "G1","Grant", "Read", "user_login_id = 'SUB::SAS.Userid'",0)


User Table
UserID Name User Group
U1 User 1 G1
U2 User 2 G2
U3 User 3 G1


Sales Table
ProductID UserID ProductDesc Cost
P1 U1 Product 1 $100
P2 U2 Product 2 $200
P3 U1 Product 3 $300
P3 U2 Product 3 $300
P4 U2 Product 4 $400


Expected output is, in 'Sales Table' for logged in user 'U1', it should display P1 & P3 product details.


Did you set up an interaction between the two tables, so that the first table filters the second one? 

Obsidian | Level 7
Yeah, I set up the interaction between the two tables by mapping data sources. And the first table filters second table data if and only if I select the data in first table.

In that case, you would need to apply the row-level security on the second table as well. Mapping the two data sources together won't be sufficient. 


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