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Calcite | Level 5

I have three different data sources(A,B,C). I have these as LASR tables.These are the respective inputs in creating a report with three sections(A,B,C).

I need to define row level access for about 60 users. Each of these users will see different portions of the data. I know to create these row level definitions user by user and for each LASR table. My doubt is

1) Can I, in one go define the row level permission for all the users for a particular LASR table?. It could be as simple as if User 'X' logs in, he needs to see those rows where his USER ID appears(or) is the only way out, by defining them separately for 60 users?

2) Can i replicate these permissions on the other two LASR tables?

My effort if this doesn't work is 60 users*3 LASR Tables = 180 actions. I want to bring this down

This is my first report in SAS VA.

Your help is much appreciated


Prashanth Baptist

Tourmaline | Level 20

First, consult the user documentation.

Secondly, read the SAs Global Forum paper from this on the topic, great introduction to the subject.

Data never sleeps
Meteorite | Level 14

Dear Prashanth,

There are some batch tools for metadata authorization to do this. Have a look at the row-level security section in the SAS Visual Analytics Administration Guide for the version of SAS VA you have at SAS Visual Analytics Documentation. You will need to get the user id and password from SAS Technical Support to access the document.

Kind Regards,


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