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Calcite | Level 5

Hello out there,

using VA 7.1 , I try to find out how I can rotate a Visual Analytics Report data table so that the values of one given variable become variable names and variables in the input data set become observations in the output.

A similar function is available with „proc transponse“. But I do not find any similar function for VA Report to turn data tables variables into observations and observations into variables.

Are there any help or idea ? Or is there any workaround for this problem ?

Thank you very much.

Meteorite | Level 14

Unfortunately there isn't this type of feature to rotate a table within the SAS Visual Analytics interface as the underlying data needs to be loaded into the SAS LASR Analytics Server with data items as used by the interface. If you have access to the table via SAS Enterprise Guide via the LASR library you could do the transpose on the subset of data you need and then use the Import facility to load it in if it is a one-off type report. If it is something you need to do regularly then you'll need to perhaps incorporate this as part of your data load/prep process.

Kind Regards,


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Calcite | Level 5

Michelle and Gergely Bathó,

thank you very much. I will try both and see how the result looks like: First I try to transponse the subset of the data and think about to use this regularly in the data load process. In a second step I will try to follow the way Gergely is descriping using the "pivot by" feature included in the Data Builder. It will take time for me but I hope I can give some feedback in a little while. Thank you both again for the fast feedback.

SAS Employee

The closest match to your needs in VA is the "pivot by" feature in the Data Builder.



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