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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi All,


I am trying to create a report in SAS Visual Analytics. I am getting error "No data appears too much data to display".


I have searched with same error in visual analytics community and found that one user already posted with that query but that version of SAS VA is 6.4


I am using SAS VA 7.3, being SAS as an analytics application how come limited no of rows have been defined for the objects. Then if I want to see the detail no of records obviously my output data will be more in rows. If there is such a limitation how come one user will fulfil the requirements. Please clarify...!


Limits for the classic (Flash) version of SAS Visual Analytics are discussed in High-Cardinality Thresholds for Report Objects in the SAS Visual Analytics User's Guide.


 For information about high-cardinality thresholds for the modern viewer, printing, and SAS Mobile BI, see the “Configuration Properties: Transport Services” topic in SAS Intelligence Platform: Middle-Tier Administration Guide.

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi @Madelyn_SAS,


I could see that the row limit for list table and cross tab is 40000 rows. So can we increase the row limit size?


In applications like Excel only we are able to see 65000 rows. How come a application which can handle big data like SAS is having 40000 rows limit. Please do suggest what to do...

Obsidian | Level 7

It is only the final report(s) for the end-users that have this limit (that's what the Designer is for), and that should be fine. It should not be necessary to create a report with more than a few thousand rows to look at. When the users want to look at / search the detail data, I create a list report with a control object at the top (a drop down filter etc, or a text search box) with a default value that returns less than 40 000 rows. You can add multiple filters so the users are always able to return less rows than the limit (and add a text box with a warning about the limit). This works fine, your list report will always show a default filtered table, and the users can search or drill down to retrieve the rows they need.  


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