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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi guys,


Is there any way to change the index.html to my .html ?


I mean, create a main page with all reports while the users entering the Login Page.


Today(After Login Page):



Needed(After Login Page Something Like this):




Please need help.


Thanks in Advance

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @DartRodrigo,


instead of changing the default login page, not very recommendable, since it would be hard to maintain and, in case of issues, it is a not supported change, I would just go for a different solution. Let me explain myself:


- Your request is to redirect the users to your customized home page after login.

- I would propose you to create a home page and, when a users clicks on a report for first time, they will be requested for a login, and then directly redirected to the report. Next clicks on different reports, whilst the session is still on, the users won;t be requested for a login, just redirected to the report.


To implement this alternative, yoou could just substitute the index.htm that is located in your Apache, which is under /Config/LevX/Web/WebServer/htdocs.


Bear in mind, that this Apache does not have a module to interpret php or java, therefore it would require just static files, such as html, css and js.


SAS Employee

Hi @DartRodrigo


If you have questions regarding the Home page and its customization, you may find the answer from the Help directly accessible from that Home page



And if you want to display thumbnail, the va.supportSharedThumbnails property might be helpful.

You'll find more details from SAS® Visual Analytics 7.4: Administration Guide and the Administering SAS Home section.

Similars details are available from the SAS® 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Web Application Administration Guide, Sixth Edition documentation and its dedicated The SAS Visual Analytics Home Page section.


If that one does not assist you, hopefully you'll have moe helpful answers coming your way.





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