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Calcite | Level 5



Was wondering if SAS VA Geo Bubble maps have the capacity to allow a user to select all mapped locations in a radius. For example if I have hospital A on a map of Australia and want to select all other hospitals within 25km how can I allow the user to do this?


Qliksense, through Idevo maps plugin, have an excellent radial selection tool, laso tool etc. Looking to see if SAS VA in report view has similar functionality. 


Any help would be appreciated!

SAS Employee



Unfortunately VA 7.x only supports single selection, multi-selection (hold CTRL key down) and rectangular selection (hold SHIFT key down).


In VA 8.x (Q1/2017) you will have access to additional selection tools such as radius, free-polygon as well as advanced geospatial selection (drive-time, drive-distance and radial).


Hope this helps. Regards, Falko

Calcite | Level 5

Hi Falko,


Thanks for the quick response!


Was aware of using Crtl key for multi selection. The Shift key rectangular selection though seem only to be a rapid zoom function. i.e. it zooms into the rectangle but doesn't select the objects on the map. Is this correct or should it also select these objects to allow progressive filtering in the vizualisation?


Cant wait for V8 upgrade. Seems like pretty base functionality that exists in comparable competitor platforms has been missed in the mapping services.




SAS Employee

Hi David, I'm sorry - you are right about the rectangular zoom action. Indeed it's used for zoom/area selection only - not for actual data point selection. In 8.x rectangular selection is however a valid selection tool along with free-polygon and radial. Sorry for the confusion.


Yes, 8.x is a major release upgrade - not just due to the brand new Viya platform but also in regards to the new interface and related new features. We invested a lot of energy in geo related upgrades so I'm sure you will like it. Besides the mentioned drive-time and drive-distance options you will also have access to a wider selection of base maps as well as geolocation search. Further improvements are on the way for later this year with support for demographics/geo enrichment as well live-traffic support in drive-time analysis. Stay tuned.


cheers, Falko


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