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Fluorite | Level 6

Hello all


I have a report with three report filters (The first interacts with the second en the second with the third). 
When  I set up an alert on load of the LASR Table and have a mail notification going with a pdf of the report, the default selection for the filters is taken (all options selected). 


Is there any way to control the value of the report filters or to include certain combinations of the filters in the notification? 
I would prefer not to make several SAS VA reports (one for every report filter combo) as this is a nightmare to maintain. 



Lapis Lazuli | Level 10
I would like to help but I have no idea what this question is asking. Can you be more detailed?
Fluorite | Level 6

I am sorry about that. I was trying to ask my question without giving away company information.

So I will make a different example to explain the question.


Suppose i have several shops in three different countries and a SAS VA report to track various sales measures.

The country is the frist report filter, the region in the country is the second report filter and the actual shop is third report filter.

[Naturally, there is an interaction, so that if you select Country1, only the regions in Country1 show up in the second report filter.]


Currently every manager (country/region/shop) level would need to go to the report selects the filters for his/her level and then print the report to the pdf on a daily basis. [The underlying data is refreshed every day]. 


I have found out that you can use alerts and notifications to automate the sending of a pdf to the different managers. However, when I do that, the report that is send by mail contains the default report filters when opening the report. That is all country/regions/shops selected as total overview.


Is there any way to have the report send by the alert/notification to have for example the report filter Country1 selected?

The only way I see it, is to have different SAS VA reports with different default choices for the report.


Thank you for advice!



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