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Fluorite | Level 6

We are using SAS Visual Analytics release 8.3.1


I am  trying to properly format the report for printing. The report has 3 crosstabs all placed vertically top down on the page. However, my problem exists regardless of the positioning.


Here is the problem: I choose "Print" and the "Print to PDF" box opens. I then choose "Show page numbers", "Show empty rows and columns in table", and "Expand clipped and non-visible content". When I click on the "print" button the pdf document that is created has this problem. The first page(s) show what appears to be a screen shot of the report. It has cut off columns and rows. This is not really usable at all. After that it displays each visual (crosstab or list table) on its own page (or pages if number of rows require more than 1 page). This is what is really useful and what the business clients are looking for. I need help in removing those first pages which contain the garbled and unusable "screen shot" visuals with cut off rows and columns. The business clients need these reports emailed to them "Distribute Report" and the pdfs sent are taken from the pring settings. Can someone explain how to remove the first "screenshot" pages? If it cannot be done, is this behaviour by design or is it a bug?


With Expand clipped content, objects that cannot fit on one page have an "expand" icon in the upper right corner. You click that icon to go to a full copy of the object. There is no way to remove the partial objects from the beginning of the report. This is working as it is currently designed. 

Obsidian | Level 7
I have the same problem. My clients need to register in a document several reports of crosstabs. And PDF printing is pretty ugly for tabular objects.


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