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Fluorite | Level 6

I have a report that uses report level filters e.g extract data when the user selects the yyyy mm in question e.g 2017 01 all the data in the report only shows data for that month which is what i need to sse.


I have a variable called balance i would like to be able to see what the balance figure was for for 2016 12 i.e the previous month. I know there is a predefined agregated calculation [Variable] Difference from previous period this is ok if you do not have any filters on it. From advise in this community i develped using parameters a way to get round this however the extract date drop down list had to be in the body of the report, it would not work if the extract date filter was applied at section or report level any work arounds?  


I am using 7.3





Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi Simon,

i am not sure if i understand your question clealy but this is my advice.

Do not use the year and period as a report filter, but use them to enter them Intomart parameter.

Now create two nee calculations that use the year and period as a filter.

The first one with the exact year and period and the second with period-1.

This way you get two variabels that show to Sum result of the two periods of that year.

Will this way of working help you out or did i misunderstand your question.

greetings Peter



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