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Hello All,

I have a requirement to move SAS 9.4 report to SAS Viya.

I have my json file of the report from SAS 9.4.

It would be great if I can get advice on how to move it to SAS Viya?

Thanks in Advance



SAS Employee

Hey @Kritiksharma123! Migrating a SAS 9.4 report to SAS Viya is very easy. Steps 3-8 below also apply if you have a JSON file:

  1. Load all of your necessary datasets to a CASLIB in SAS Viya.
  2. Export your report(s) as a SAS package (.spk file) from SAS Management Console. Be sure "Include dependent objects when retrieving initial collection of objects" is selected.
    For more information on exporting SAS packages, see this link.
  3. Log in to SAS Viya.
  4. In the hamburger menu, navigate to "Administration --> Manage Environment"


  5. Select the Import tab:
  6. Upload your .spk file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. Map your report's data sources to the data sources you loaded to the CASLIB in step 1.
  8. Done!

Your report should now be available and ready to go.


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