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Calcite | Level 5

Hello everyone,


I am using VA 7.2 and I have a question about mapping a column to two different columns in an Info Window. I know that a column can only be linked to one other column, so I tried duplicating the column and link the duplicate to the second column. However, I want to display all the rows where either the first column equals the chosen value or the second column equals the chosen value. Let me illustrate the problem with a simple example. I have 5 players that play a simple game (coinflip), and I want to see all the games a player has played by clicking on the player. Let the List Table containing the players be given by:


Player      Wins

A              3

B              1

C              0

D              2

E              1


Now, I want to click on the row for player A and see all the games played by player A. So I want to have an Info Window, containing a List Table that looks like this:


Player 1     Player2     Winner   

A                B                1 

A                D                2 

E                A                1 

A                C                1 

B                A                2


Hence, I want to map the column Player from the first List Table to Player 1 and Player 2 in the second List Table. However, by duplicating the column Player, and linking one to Player 1 and one to Player 2, the Info Window will only show the rows where both Player 1 and Player 2 are equal to A, which are none. I know a solution could be to duplicate the entire dataset with games and create 2 rows for every game and write both players once as player 1. However, I prefer not to duplicate the data set due to its size, and the 2 columns do have a different interpretation in my data set. 


Does anybody have an other solution how to achieve this?


Thanks in advance.



Rhodochrosite | Level 12

I can't see an easy solution unless you upgrade to 7.4. There you can use parameters to filter your list and inthe filter you can specify "player1 eq [parameter] or player2 eq [parameter]".


Could your solution be that you use two lists in your info window, one for each player?





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