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Calcite | Level 5

Dear All,

Loading doesn't seems to be happening automatically when I open the report.

For instance, when I open the report which has 10 sections in it, what designer phase of VA does is that it loads only section 1 that I clicked. Meaning I will have to click remaining 9 sections one by one to up all the sections to view and interact.

It would be good if VA could load all the sections in the background while I am looking at section 1 that I have clicked.

Pls share your suggestions with me as we might all experiencing this.

version - 6.3

SAS Employee

Although I understand your concern about having to wait, I'd also like to point out the other side of the argument...

By pre-loading every section of every report that every user opens, you are assuming the cost of all of that analysis regardless of whether or not the users choose to look at every section of every report they open.  That would not be a concern if processing resources were unlimited, but that is the rare case.  On a typical system, CPU is a contentious resource, meaning that when one user's job runs, other users inevitably are impacted.  Loading all the other sections in your report as you suggest (and doing the same for every other user) would almost definitely have a negative impact on the overall performance of the system.

Calcite | Level 5

Thanks David, agree to that.

This seems to be critical while visiting customer's end, I will have to make sure all the sections are up when I get there, before actually showcasing the dashboards.

btw, I use a standalone system which has setup locally as it is used for demo purpose. But still I will have to wait to get my sections up and running while no one actually uses my system resources nor the system provides any services to client.

SAS Employee

Again, I understand that you are the only one on the system and as a result, the concerns for which we architected don't necessarily apply, but a single person person working on a demo system isn't exactly our targetted audience. Smiley Wink



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