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Fluorite | Level 6


     I load the tables from Adminstrator pane after my Server restarted, but the tables are not reloaded. My table location is "SAS                Validation/SAS Tables & Libraries".. Please Help me with this, how i reload the tables...

SAS Employee



I would like to review Last Action Log. You can get it by doing right-click on the table name -> Last Action Log. Also, please note that not all tables are eligible for interactive reload. Only these LASR tables are eligible for interactive reload:


  • Tables that were interactively loaded in VA Administrator
  • Output from data queries*
  • Output from LASR star schemas*
  • SAS data sets that were imported from a server


*Any input LASR tables must be available (loaded).

Fluorite | Level 6
Hii Alexal, No last action log is found. Is there any other Way to reload the Tables ? please help me out.
SAS Employee



How were they loaded originally?

Fluorite | Level 6

When i Created different applications, at that time i load the tables. Tables Location is same i.e SAS "tables and Libraries". but the Library name is different

SAS Employee



How and from where?

Obsidian | Level 7

Hey there - Personally, I would suggest:


1) Take a look at "Reload-on-Start" section of the SAS Visual Analytics 7.x Administration Guide (there is a va.reloadonstart.enabled field in the extended attributes for the respective libraries) and the "Autostart a SAS LASR Analytic Server" section. 

2) Learn about Autoload (chatper 2 page 22 of SAS Visual Analytics 7.3 Administration Guide) so that you can reload tables automatically and LASR tables created as soon as that process kicks off via your windows task scheduler.

3) If you're writing straight to LASR tables from SAS Enterprise Guide, and you have scheduled SAS server restarts, then schedule your Projects to run again at a time AFTER a scheduled restart, but before users need the VA reports. This will obviously recreate the LASR tables. 


4) If you get data from SQL views etc., then schedule your data prep tool schedules at a time after the scheduled server restart. This will also recreate your LASR tables (but you'd have lots of schedules to maintain)


We have a scheduled server restart on a Sunday morning, and have some smaller tables in the Autload folder so they get recreated in LASR memory, some Enterprise Guide scripts which write straight to LASR memory (they are scheduled to run on Weekdays at 0400h so are back in LASR by the time I get into work) and some come via SQL views and SQL tables into LASR tables via the Data Prep Tool (these are scheduled for Monday mornings as well so are back in LASR memory first thing on a Monday). 


It sounds like what you are doing is what I used to do :- i.e., after a server restart, going to the Administator, and right clicking and reloading the data sources that aren't working/aren't loaded, in LASR. Use one/combo of the methods above to load them to LASR instead.








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