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Fluorite | Level 6



Not sure if anyone else encounter the same problem. We have a word cloud created from a table (say table A) which contains the following columns: _document_, terms, category. We have a separate transaction table (say table B) with following columns: document_id, date, category, etc...


We have created the following in a report:

1. A bar chart with the category (x-axis) and no of document (y-axis) using Table B. 

2. A word cloud from Table A.

2. A list table (from Table B) in an info window which contains the following columns: document_id, date, category, document content. 


We have created an interaction between the bar chart to the word cloud  and mapped the following columns:

1. Table A (category) = Table B (category)

2. Table A (_document_) = Table B (document_id)


We have also link the word cloud to the list table (info window) and mapped the following columns:

1. Table A (category) = Table B (category)

2. Table A (_document_) = Table B (document_id)


When we click on one of the bar in the bar chart, the terms in the word cloud change based on the selection made on the bar chart. However, when we click on one of the terms in the word cloud to view the list of document (in info window) the table will show all documents in a category. For example, we select Category A in the bar chart -> all terms under Category A will be displayed in the word cloud. Double clicking term 1 in the word cloud will display info window containing all documents in Category A instead of only documents in Category A with term 1. 


Is there a way to resolve this issue?

Quartz | Level 8

Try using parameters. Set a parameter for the "Category A in the bar chart", then on the info window page, add a filter ...

'Category A'n='Category A Parameter'p


Fluorite | Level 6

I have tried the parameter method suggested but it is not working as we are trying to drill down from word cloud to info window not from the barchart to info window.

Obsidian | Level 7

There's something wrong with the mapping. If you see the "Interaction view", you must see the following:

1. Bar Chart filtering Word Cloud

2. Word Cloud linked to the Info Window

3. Right-click --> "Edit link" to verify the mapping


If all seems Ok and the interaction is still not working, you can try deleting the Info Window link from word cloud and recreate and remap again. Sometimes VA doesn't automatically picks up when you change the column selections in the target object so you can resolve it by recreating the interaction ..



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