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Calcite | Level 5

Hi all, 


I was wondering if there is a way in SAS VA that allows link redirection? 


To give some more context; I am trying to develop a solution that can toggle between two different links. 


1. User goes to SAS VA report (link 1). 

2. SAS automatically redirects user to a secondary (link2). 


Hope this makes sense. 

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. 


Rhodochrosite | Level 12


I don't think you can do it directly without user interaction.

How about using another first page, like a standard html which will do the redirection?


Quartz | Level 8

I have done something similar - a front page that contains a link . I edit that link depending on which target we want users to go to that day.

Calcite | Level 5

Can you please explain how you did it?

Quartz | Level 8

(Using VA8.2 on Viya)


Create new report , add text box , add URL link . 


Edit that link as neccessary depending on whether I want users to go to URL1 or URL2.

Amethyst | Level 16

by default, link redirection is not in SAS VA, however there are a few methods, probably not officially supported, that can make it work:

1. The main .htaccess file or the Web Server (the SAS one or an external reverse proxy), can identify certain URL patterns and execute custom redirections.

2. If you can write the contents of a stored process, or a web service, in a report, that code can contain a JavaScript code which can redirect

I can imagine several web standard and other creative methods, which will work.

Just be aware of the fact that, if you have a question or an issue with such customizations, SAS Technical Support might see limitations at the hour of offering you help.



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