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Calcite | Level 5

I have line graphs, the quantity of which increases over time. I want to display a page of tumbnail graphs that have a link to the full size graph so the user only has to look at the graphs that look interesting at the time. Currently I'm using a drop down list to display the graphs and the user has to go through each item on the list which is frustraiting for them. Any suggestions on how to approach this would be appreciated. I am new to VA so please bear that in mind.

Meteorite | Level 14

Hi @MichaelSG,


A suggestion would be...


  • To create a thumbail report using a "Precision" section layout (look at the properties of the Section to change it from the default "Tiled" layout) so that you can create the line graphs in the exact position and size you want.
  • To then create a "Info Window" section containing the same line graph (you can copy the one you created on the thumbnail report into it). Repeat this process for each graph you have.
  • To set up the interactivity, go to the Interactions Tab (or Interactions View) to set up the section links between each thumbnail graph you have and the info window graph.


For information on "Precision" section layout, info windows and interactions please have a look at the SAS Visual Analytics User Guide and the "Include Info Windows in your SAS Visual Analytics Reports" blog post.


Hope this helps.


Kind Regards,


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