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Calcite | Level 5

Hi All,


Requirement : Need to color the states based on some certain parameter i.e if state is 1 then Green, If 2 then Yellow and so on.


Problem: If we use lat long then can not color the region just because that time in VA 7.5 map type 'region' is not coming only bubbles and co ordinates are showing.

 Now we are using Geography data type= "predefined geographic names and codes", Name or Code context="sub division (state, province) names", and Country=India. But this time Ladakh and Telangana not coming in base map. 


Please suggest which data set needs to modify to show these two states in Geo map. We have already made entry of these two states on centlookup and attrlookup table and restarted only web server but nothing changed.


Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Which data set are your entries in CENTLOOKUP referring to? The default would be MAPSGFK.VAASIA1 for India I think. But if you look at the contents of that there's no state equalling either "LADAKH" or "TELANGANA", or anything approaching them (in our system anyway). That data set is the source of all the polygon data for the geographies. I had to create a whole lot of custom data sets for some Scottish geographies which SAS doesn't contain by default. The great FalcoSchulz was very helpful in this process but there's guidance here:

SAS Help Center: Custom Polygons: Instructions

You'll need a source of the polygon data, as an ESRI shapefile. 


I hope this is helpful.

SAS Employee

VA relies on the underlying maps from GfK in order to render regional maps. The rather recent territory changes in India were reflected in updated data sets in the MAPSGFK library around December last year. However, map data updates were only released for current VA releases (Viya 4) and not for VA 7.5. You could try getting in touch with SAS tech support and see whether they can provide you with a copy of these data sets. I believe there were some minor structural changes in the data but you may be able to use those regardless. Tech Support may have more details.

Hope this helps. Falko



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