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Calcite | Level 5

Hi VA Users,


If a section has Cascading  Controls in the form of 5 Lists objects (Circle, Network, Module, Region and Branch), and there is a bar chart showing Deposit Amounts and interacting with the 5 List controls. Now, if we select Circle, then the range of Deposit Amount in the Bar Char should be 30-40 billion. If we select Region, then this range should be 5-10 million and for Branch it should be 5-10 thousand. Basically, is it possible to make a range in the Bar Chart dynamic?


Thanks a lot,

Bhawna Mehta

Obsidian | Level 7

most charts in VA automatically adjust the scale based on the measure values .. what happens with your chart?

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi Bhawna,

besides the automatic range there is no flexible axis range option yet in SAS VA 7.4 as far as I know.

sorry, no solution there.


@Sas.Develoment :  

It has been suggested before to allow the axis ranges to be parameter depending.

This way we can calculate our own ranges and use them flexible, without maybe much extra development in SAS VA.

Maybe some likes might help out to get this done.

Greetings  Peter


SAS Employee

Hi Peter,


Perhaps this is something we could consider in a future release of VA. Could you share the reason you might need to calculate a range for the report consumers instead of having VA determine the range automatically? I thought it might be because some bars, for instance, could be very tall and others very short to the point where the short bars are almost invisible. However, since the report viewer lets the report consumer change the axis range via zooming and scrolling on the graph, I thought my assumption for the reason might be incorrect.


Thank you,



Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi Rick,

thank you for your reply.

there are multiple reasons but one is having a bar-graph with a min axis value not being 0

Of course this is no problem by it-selves but we often use the same bar-graph with multiple variables.

I use a button bar to chose between Kg/Val/M/M2/Conversion  etc.

I calculate the report value depending on the value of the parameter from the button bar selection.

Sure you will understand that the min value of the axis is variable depending but I can not control this now.

We now always choose for auto axis with 0 as minimum but I know they would like something else.

Only option to solve that is to show 5 bar graphs at ones etc.


Please do not only think in axis limits but all other fixed values you can select like reference line, min/max slider value, etc.

With slider bars I would strongly prefer calculated limits to shuffle along with the current date at report startup



Hope this clear out a little


I know you have my e-mail, so if you would like to see examples for impression feel free.   

Greetings and many thanks Peter  


SAS Employee



That makes sense. I certainly have your email, and thank you for the clarification.





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