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SAS Visual Analytics aficionados,


If you've been following the events at SAS Global Forum this week, you might have heard about the new GatherIQ initiative.  It's an exciting program in which SAS partners with humanitarian organizations who have an acute need for data analysis to help focus their efforts.  GatherIQ brings that data to you in the form of reports that can benefit from your expertise.  You explore the data, find insights that are compelling or interesting to you, and share those insights on the GatherIQ community.  


Screenshot from GatherIQ


The initial projects use data from the IOM: the migrant tracking arm of the UN.  The data and goals are real and -- in a way -- humbling.  I urge you to learn more by watching the launch video from SAS Global Forum -- prepare to be moved.


In addtion to doing good for a worthy cause, your participation will gain you hands-on experience with the latest version of SAS Visual Analytics 8.1 -- you'll be impressed by the visualizations and the interactivity that the new mobile experience provides.


To get started, download the GatherIQ app from the iOS app store (Android and desktop versions coming in the months ahead).  

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Hi ChrisHemedinger,


When we can expect release of GatherIQ app for android users?


Community Manager

@kaushalsolanki I believe this is planned for later in the Summer (well, our northern hemisphere summer) of 2017.  Thanks for your interest!

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