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Calcite | Level 5



Can any one help me, how to create dynamic graphs. 

1. For ex. If I prepare Bar chart/Line chart with some sample data in development environment.

2. Is there any option user can check/change from bar chart to line chart or some other charts like pie chart, Scatter plot, bubble plot etc... dynamically in viewer environment.


Please help.

Amethyst | Level 16



Could you already check the User's Guide of SAS Visual Analytics ( )?


What you need is described in

as "Working with Report Interactions".


Basically and in very short: under Design Report, after you include the crosstable and a graph, in Menu View you will find Show Interactions. Then you draw a line between them, and then you can customize.



Calcite | Level 5

Hi Juan,


Thank you for reply, the below mentioned links are talks about how to create dynamic charts and interactions, however I am not looking for the same. 


If a developer develops the charts for example Pie chart are bubble chart, then user(User has viewer access only) can see only pie chart are bubble chart. But I am looking for there is an option for example if you create list you can see all the states once you click the list button and if you select any state then the data will reflect respected state, like wise in a list/some other buttons all objects has to show and user can select any required object/chart then developer developed pie chart will change to line chart/required chart like wise.


Please help.

SAS Employee

Hi Pradeepspoorthy,


Are you asking if SAS Visual Analytics Viewer provides a way for users (who are only viewing a report) to dynamically change the type of report object (for example, changing a bubble chart to a pie chart) in a report?  If so, that functionality isn't available.  (Only report designers can change report objects in a report using SAS Visual Analytics Designer.) 






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